Employees and contractors entering their own information

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I have a strong feeling like this isn't possible yet but think it would be a great new feature. I'm getting payroll setup but realized that I have to enter my employee's and contractor's private information including social security number and bank information myself which isn't easy when you work with freelance artists across the United States. Is it possible to utilize the email that we provide so they can enter in their own personal information? It would help us as employers be a little more secure with our employee's and contractor's information when they can't always be met in person.



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    Hey @hexaprint, I totally agree that this would lighten the load on our employers and I'll take it back to the team.

    I work pretty closely with the Payroll Team, and I know that there are a few technical roadblocks in the way of us creating a portal for employees and contractors to enter their DD info, so I should let you know that I don't know that this will be possible in the near future.

    Improvements are always coming fast to our Payroll app, though, and this is good feedback to have!

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    Yea the direct deposit information would be amazing if they could do it but definitely the social security number that’s the only thing keeping me from using you guys for payroll right now.
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    Hey @hexaprint , Following up on this thread, I just found out that this was, in fact, possible when we spoke in November.

    Your employees can adjust their banking information by clicking on "Settings" > "Direct Deposit" in their Personal profile.

    Happy New Year!

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    Social security number can also be edited in "Settings" > "Personal Profile"

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