GST details to be printed on each entry

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I am from India, while adding tax amount in each items there is no issues, while printing the invoices it shows the tax in total as in the last line only,

Please note that each items are having different tax % rates and our customer unable to get that information.

How I can show tax information on each items after printing?


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    Hi @wintech.

    That isn't something you that can show up natively on invoices in Wave. If you want, you could add a tax breakdown manually in the footer of a given invoice, but there's no way for it to show up automatically.

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    Hi Alexia.

    Thank you for your valuable response. I know that there no way as of now in the wave show Tax breakdown. Please take it as a Feature request.
    In a single Invoice multiple products would be there and each product may have different tax rates, its not possible to receiver of the invoice to understand or know the Tax rate.

    For more info, please read articles on "GST rates in India"

    Than again.

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    Hi @wintech.

    If you'd like to discuss product suggestions, I'd recommend you post something under the Wave Feature category. Before you do, however, please read this post, it'll explain how Wave chooses its new features, and suggestions to help our team understand where you're coming from.

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