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HI, Is it possible to create GST inclusive invoices with Wave? Here in Australia, the final price of the invoice is always tax inclusive.


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    Hey @ausgayan, our tax additions are controlled at the item level, rather than the full invoice. It would be possible to calculate the value of an item + GST as the item total in Sales > Products and Services, but you would then run into the issue of those taxes not showing on tax reports (as this workaround essentially eliminates that component of the price being marked as tax). This also is a more manual option that being able to set the total and then having tax calculated as percentage of the total. Great suggestion though, and great feedback in terms of how charges are usually invoice in Australia - I'm going to pass this onto our Product Team and hopefully it is something we will see implemented soon!

  • ausgayanausgayan Member Posts: 2
  • Craig_Reynolds1975Craig_Reynolds1975 Member Posts: 1

    Just to add my voice to this request, in New Zealand, this is also the way we invoice our end customers - unless we need to treat a particular item specially (for example financial services and some imports don't generally get taxed with GST) everything is GST inclusive.

    Typically every line item includes GST, and a line item is entered showing the total amount levied.

    It just confuses people when we don't include it like they expect.

    For business to business invoicing GST exclusive is the norm.

    Is there any progress on getting this on the roadmap?

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