Online Payments for Only Some Invoices?

harperwharrisharperwharris Member Posts: 3

I'd really like to only offer credit card payments when the invoice is under a certain amount so I'm not losing big chunks due to fees on larger invoices. Is there a way to turn online payments off (or even just CC payments) for particular invoices? Ideally this would be automated so I could set it to only offer CC payment as an option when the invoice is under a certain amount.



  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 513 admin

    Great suggestion @harperwharris! There is currently no way to automate options conditional on totals or other factors, but this would be really cool to see in our software. It is possible to do this manually though! Once you've generated an invoice, there should be a 'Online Payments are ON' option near the top of the page. Clicking this can allow you to toggle Payments on or off, but it also should create a drop-down menu where you can select just ACH or just CC.

  • harperwharrisharperwharris Member Posts: 3

    Ah, for some reason I thought that setting was for all invoices, not just the one I was currently looking at. Thanks!

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