Zapier, Wave Pro, + More with the Partner Ecosystem

Laura_KavanaghLaura_Kavanagh Member Posts: 17 admin

An exciting part of Wave's journey is how we're expanding our offerings and who we work with to support the needs of brave entrepreneurs like you.

One of the ways we're doing this is through our partner program, which includes new integrations, financial services, and professional networks to help you be successful and reach new heights as an entrepreneur.

Here's just a few of the new tools and resources you can now get access to:

We’re investing in building new partnerships and direct integrations for the future, while making our APIs publicly available so that developers can build on top of Wave.

Zapier is one of the ways you can now do this with Wave. With Zapier, you can now automate a huge range of tasks, such as invoicing for time you’ve tracked and adding customers to your email marketing list, just to name a few! You can start trying out integrations and Zaps now within your Wave account!

Accountants and Bookkeepers
Being a part of the Wave community means you have access to a network of accounting and bookkeeping professionals who are here to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently! Head on over to the Wave Pro Community channel to connect with business professionals, or offer your services to Wave users.

You can read more about these services, and other offerings from Wave, in our latest blog post here.

Have an integration or service you'd love to see added? Added in the comments section below!



  • AccountsProAccountsPro Member Posts: 103 ✭✭

    @Laura_Kavanagh **Wow awesome topic! ** One of the things I find lacking is accounts integration with eCommerce platforms. There are many open source eCommerce platforms out there, I am sure users would be thrilled to have their accounting software integrated! Maybe something to explore?

  • David_autofile_MLDavid_autofile_ML Member Posts: 21

    Alternative Bank Connector

    Passionate about Wave as a small business enabler and instead of complaining we have developed a GSuite Marketplace App to connect Banks to Wave via Tiller, This provides an alternative to those affected by the recent Bank to Wave changes.

    More at autofile.ML

  • Shirley_PrintsShirley_Prints Member Posts: 6

    I tried Tiller. Sounded great but once it went a couple weeks without a download I gave up on them!

  • David_autofile_MLDavid_autofile_ML Member Posts: 21

    @Shirley_Prints Sorry to hear that, our experience recently with Tiller has been great, maybe try again on this link and i will be able to help if you have issues.

  • AvatheAviatorAvatheAviator Member Posts: 1

    I'm having trouble setting up my zaps for the invoice. I think it has to do with finding the ID. It needs to be dynamic because it will be changing with every new customer. Please advise.

  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    Hi @AvatheAviator , can you give me some more information around the zaps that you're using and the requesting fields?

  • WaveCWaveC Member Posts: 1

    Wave's integration with Zapier only supports 'at time of creation' Customers & Invoices. There's no additional built-in functionality with Zapier and that's just sad considering how powerful WaveApps is . I really wish there were additional integration points like Customer Statements, re-send invoices, or otherwise bring more WaveApps APIs to Zapier

  • CalliePCallieP Member Posts: 439 admin

    Hi @WaveC , thanks for your feedback. Wave is currently focused on improving some other elements of our software, so builds on our Zapier APIs are not on the road map. That said, we welcome hearing how this would impact your work! Can you expand on how this would speed up your workflow, make things easier, or impact your customer relations?

  • IamImportantIamImportant Member Posts: 2

    Loyverse + Wave

  • whidzeewhidzee Member Posts: 7

    Zapier lets you create a customer and an invoice from a Stripe sale, and it lets you record a payment. However it doesn't let you connect the payment to the invoice you just created. This would be an amazing feature as it'll complete the cycle. It also doesn't let you add the customer you just created to the sale transaction either. This is something that would be really really useful

  • j_HKj_HK Member Posts: 6

    I want to create a zap to move bills received by email as bills into Wave. After tinkering with this, zapier's customer support confirmed that the WAVE API doesn't have this capability as of now. They added that many requests have been received by zapier on the topic and I'm not surprised.
    When can we have this?!
    receiving digital bills to pay by email is so common, being able to move that data into wave is a no brainer to me.
    I might add to that: being able to send bills by email as we can send receipts would be helpful as well. But if I have to choose, I want the API functionality more than the email one.

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