Reconciliation Not Appearing Under Accounting

MichaelLyonsMichaelLyons Member Posts: 2

I have an account that I started a handful of years ago with Wave and that account doesn't have the Reconciliation option under the Accounting tab. I have a new account that does. Why does my older account not have the reconciliation option and is there a way to get it? Nor I or my accountant can find it.


  • LeikaLeika Administrator Posts: 3 admin

    Hi @MichaelLyons, great question! The reason you're not seeing the reconciliation tab in your older account is that it hasn't yet been migrated over to our most recent accounting platform upgrade. One of the changes was that we moved the reconciliation feature to its own separate tab in the Accounting dropdown.

    Because all newly created accounts will now have that upgrade automatically, your newer accounts will reflect those changes. As for you older account, we're still working on migrating existing Wave accounts over to the new experience (it's important that we're certain we can safely port your data over before migrating). I couldn't provide you with an exact ETA at the moment, but we are making migration a priority so hopefully you'll see that upgrade soon.

    In the meantime, don't forget that you can still reconcile in your older account by following the steps here (you'll want to make sure you're logged into that older account when viewing this article to make sure you're getting the right instructions).

  • LJB2018LJB2018 Member Posts: 3

    I'm having the same issue. I have no "Reconciliation" option at all.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,946 admin

    Hey @MichaelLyons + @LJB2018 . The reconciliation feature is currently only available for those on the newest Wave software. But don't fret quite yet! You'll have this feature soon as we are constantly rolling out the update to our users on a regular basis. Hoping to have everyone migrated over by the New Year.

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