Recommendation/Request for Payment Processing Fees...

mahoutmahout Member Posts: 10

In my opinion, when the credit card gateway taking 2+ days to process and re-deposit in to your attached account, that the fee should be lowered to a more competitive rate.

Wavers will be more apt to use it if it were more like 2.5% flat, with a max of some amount. ($39 ?)

I am just a one man show, and the fee's really add up and I take a big hit.

Jusy my two cents, I'll mail you a check for your cut. :)


  • Brent_OntraxBrent_Ontrax Member Posts: 14

    Credit Card fees are charged by Wave, it is Stripe or whomever you are using to process the transaction. PayPal and all financial institutes do the same thing when charging the merchant fees. Have you tried turning off the Pay Online option for people and putting your bank details on the invoice so the invoices are paid via direct transfer? No fees at all.

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