Paypal Recurring Payment not showing up

MixThisMixMixThisMix Member Posts: 4

I have a recurring payments in Paypal that are not showing up at all in Wave. My other Paypal transactions are there, just not the recurring ones. How do I fix this?


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    @MixThisMix Sorry to hear that!

    Our Payroll connection can be spotty, but to confirm have you attached PayPal via Integrations or via Bank Connections? If it is the Integrations (which is how we historically pulled PayPal), I'd recommend trying to switch over to PayPal via Bank Connections - this should be a lot more robust in terms of being able to pull all, including your recurring.

    You can also try troubleshooting the Integrations. Feel free to ignore these steps though if you've tried that already! Click Integrations, then click the pen icon to the right of the Paypal integration to edit that connection. When you open this window you will be able to adjust the date field to import from one day prior to the date you currently have listed. Doing this will act as a manual refresh and prompt the system to pull any transactions that have not been automatically imported.

  • MixThisMixMixThisMix Member Posts: 4

    So I went to attach it to bank connections, didn't do much but add the starting balance and a single more recent balance. So I deleted all the transactions from the old integration, deleted the old integration, and tried again. Nothing. I did back up the transactions by downloading to excel before, but clearly something isn't working right.

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 515 admin

    Hey @MixThisMix It sounds like the PayPal integration is definitely cumbersome and not time efficient. It's something that we are aware of! Since you have your information saved, it might make more sense to upload the export from PayPal into Wave using a .CSV document. I think this will be more reliable and cause less headaches moving forward.

  • MixThisMixMixThisMix Member Posts: 4

    Thank you. Yes, good call.

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