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When I enter receipts from expenses that I charged on my credit card how do I enter the payment made to these said expenses. Doing a transfer does not work as i have been told to do in the past because I am paying the amount owing to the card in a lump sum and not for each individual transaction therefore, the amounts don't match. When I enter the credit card payment as was a withdrawal from my bank account it is showing as another expense when in actual fact I already incurred these expenses and recorded them under category "business credit card"
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  • JordanFromWaveJordanFromWave Administrator Posts: 149 admin

    @Bonnie_67 This seems to be a question that you have asked on another post. I've answered that there for you instead :)

  • nbsfnbsf Member Posts: 2

    Can you link to the other post? I have the same question.

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    @nbsf said:
    Can you link to the other post? I have the same question.

    To see a list of someone's posts and replies, click and enter the person's profile and on the right pane, click on Discussions as well as Comments.

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