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Cedarwood10Cedarwood10 Member Posts: 1

Hi Wave - Newbie - Can someone please tell me how to do a report for sales invoices with a breakdown of Vat exclusive amounts - Many thanks


  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 675 admin

    @Cedarwood10 Hey there! When you go to the Reports section in Wave, you should be able to pull reports that have the individual amounts for accounts that you select (under the Account Transactions report). From here, you can select the account dropdown and either select Sales, or Tax, etc, however, there isn't a report that you can select that shows the total amount of income + a breakdown of the VAT amounts (they can only be separate).

  • comoxvalleyartscomoxvalleyarts Member Posts: 6

    is there any way to get a report on actual SALES - like how many widgets did i sell this month type of reports?

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