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I'm new here,but not new at what I do, just want to say hi to everyone out there. I think WAVE is a fantastic product I really hope it doesnt go to pay pro version after I get hooked on it. I started with invoice2go that was free in 2011 and finally had to give it up it went from $0 to $49 to $99 and last @ $499 USD which is way too much for small biz for something that started as (air quotes) "free" considering on one of their invoice2go glitches they lost a whole year of my invoices and just said "oops". I think the WAVE team is really onto something they have delivered a very polished product and easy to use with great support, I admire that in their development team. I run a home based Computer Repair Shop I also do remote repair over the internet as far as UK and Texas, Arizona, East and West Coast of Canada all from my home in Manitoba! what a fantastic thing is technology! WAVE helps me get paid easily when providing services where I never meet the customer in person, it is secure and my customers feel good about that and it adds to making my company put a professional light on the whole process.
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    @EALING_Computer_IT - Posts like these truly make my day. It's nice to hear that you're enjoying our product so far and it's ease of use. I hope that your business continues to grow and we will strive to support you every step of the way in your future endeavours.

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