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I searched through a lot of accounting software before I settled on Wave. It wasn't the only free one, but it was definitely one of the most complete free platforms. Wave is really good, but it could be great with some very minor tweaks:

  1. Make the estimate building function as user-friendly as the invoicing function. When I'm building estimates, I can't move around line-items to make the estimate flow better along to make logical sense. Instead, I have to create an outline outside of the app, then transcribe into Wave. Defeats the idea of streamlining a process.
  2. Group all customer activity under that customer's profile. I would so love to be able to clink on a client's name and see have all of their activity accessible from that page. Instead, I can't click on clients. If I want to see all activity from a client I have to filter from a selected screen. Its really disjointed and spread out all over the site.
  3. Mobile app expanded to included estimating.


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    Hey @WellinHand, thank you for the feedback! I'm passing this on to our Product Team and hopefully we will see this kind of functionality soon!

  • pranaysanghavipranaysanghavi Member Posts: 2

    Yes customer should be the central entity around which everything should revolve.
    The next is PROFITS

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