Can I receive notification of payment

SJEMarketingSJEMarketing Member Posts: 2

Hi, I'm new here and have been using Wave for some time. I'm very happy with except that I would like to receive notifications when someone pays me. Is this possible to set up?



  • mahoutmahout Member Posts: 10


    Just download the app on your phone and sign in. It will send you a push notification when an invoice is viewed **(unless it was sent and opened as a PDF) as when an invoice is **PAID!

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 441 admin

    @SJEMarketing Aside from @mahout's suggestion (which is a good one) .. you can also make sure that you have notification enabled on that specific app in your device settings.

  • SJEMarketingSJEMarketing Member Posts: 2

    I have adjusted my settings but I still don't notifications when someone has paid. Does it need to be linkedin to my bank account for this to happen?

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 323 admin

    @SJEMarketing I just sent you a DM so I can check the email you use in our system to see what might be preventing these notifications from getting to you. As long as you are getting paid via either Payments by Wave or Stripe integrated into Wave, you should be receiving payment emails.

  • Brent_OntraxBrent_Ontrax Member Posts: 14

    If your clients are paying you via the Wave integrated solutions then you should be getting email notification, I receive them from Stripe (if it used), BUT if clients are paying you via Direct Transfer then no chance unless the bank has a means of sending you notification to say that there is activity on your account, and you then have to manually update your Invoice status as Paid.

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