I can't work out how to refund.

graceelizphotograceelizphoto Member Posts: 2

I am hoping someone can help. I am a photographer, and a fully paid photo session has been cancelled, so I must refund the payment. I have followed advice I have seen online, in that I have gone to Accounting -> Transactions -> Add Expense -> and selected the client's invoice under the category 'Refund to customer name' I have put the refund amount in, and all seems to be balanced, showing that the refund has been made. However, in my dashboard, the invoice is now marked as overdue and unpaid. How do I fix this? Can I just delete the invoice? I have manually refunded the payment via bank transfer. Thanks!


  • graceelizphotograceelizphoto Member Posts: 2

    EDIT: I have now worked it out! I did the above, and to avoid the invoice appearing unpaid, I have added a payment to the invoice with the correct amount in a minus figure, to balance it and make sure it is 'paid'.

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