Sub headings on Wave Estimates

southambookkeepersouthambookkeeper Member Posts: 1

My client is a designer and when she raises an estimate she likes to break down the areas she is designing. E.g she would have Dining Room as a sub heading and then under that would be the furnishings listed with price etc then she might have Study, then under that would be the furnishings etc listed with price . At the moment we just put Dining Room/Study into the description section and leave everything else blank but that brings up zeros where the item quantity and price should be. Is there any work around this? Thanks


  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 650 admin

    @southambookkeeper hey there. I just thought I would confirm with you -- are you referring to creating subheadings for line items for your products & services? If so, at the moment this is currently unavailable in Wave. Under your Estimates section in Wave, you should be able to add general subheadings/footers for the estimate itself, as well as the line item (see screenshot).

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