Electronic Payment option not updating on invoices.

FyreRayneFyreRayne Member Posts: 3
I temporarily disabled electronic payments, removing the option from the invoices. I recently reinstated this but the new invoices are not reflecting the option. I have created a new invoice and duplicated an older one to no avail. I have also selected to make option available on previous invoices button. Advice on how to correct this?
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  • TylerTyler Administrator Posts: 104 admin

    Hi @FyreRayne! If you are in the US and create invoices in USD, your customers should have the ability to pay you directly through the invoices you send them. Through Settings > Payments you can confirm if the feature is enabled across your business. If you need any other help with Payments by Wave checkout this section of our Help Center: https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000049866-Payments-by-Wave

  • FyreRayneFyreRayne Member Posts: 3
    They are not seeing it and the payments are enabled I have images to verify this as well
  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 628 admin

    Hey @FyreRayne. If you could please send me a DM with your business name and email address .. as well as the screenshots that you have in reference to this particular issue, that would be super helpful in determining why your clients do not have the option to pay you using our system.

  • FyreRayneFyreRayne Member Posts: 3
    This was resolved. It was nothing that I could fix on my end. Thank you.
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