Attachment Icon + Link Sales Tax to Category + Categorisation Rules

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I'm still on the old version on Wave so I'm not sure if any of these features are in the new version but these three things would make Wave so much smoother for me:

  1. Can you identify on the line of the transaction whether a receipt/document is attached?
    At the moment I merge the receipt with the automated download to make the one transaction but then in future I need to open the transaction details to confirm that a receipt/document is actually attached. It would give me much more piece of mind (and a quicker workflow) if I could glance at the transaction list and identify straight away where my gaps are in having supporting documentation attached.

  2. I think I've heard it mentioned before but I get the same thing for Sales Tax - I have to manually open each transaction to confirm that I've added a Tax to the item before I can confidently send through my Sales Tax Report/file the Tax return (this is quite time-consuming). An indicator that a tax had been added would be a nice touch, or make it mandatory to add a tax type to each category in the COA?

  3. It's definitely been mentioned here that rules for categorising transactions that have the same string text would be so helpful. I briefly moved to PocketSmith (came back to Wave) and their tool for saving rules for recurring transactions so that it auto-categorises new ones is something I miss.

Fantastic job though, for a free product Wave has a heck of a lot going for it.


  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 468 admin

    Hey Caro,

    As you have already discovered, within Wave there is no current way to identify if a transaction has an attachment (i.e. if it is attached to an invoice, Sales Tax, or Receipt). This is also consistent with the updated version of Wave. In saying this, I whole heartedly agree that this is something that would make scrolling through your transactions a lot easier. I've passed along this feedback to the Product Team for future consideration.

    In terms of auto-categorization, on the updated version of Wave, this is a feature that the team is slowly building. The current functionality allows auto-categorization rules to be created based off of transaction descriptions that are imported through a bank connection. The next logical step would be to allow this to be done from statement imports and then for custom rules to be created (that would be further down the line though). The short answer is that it is on the horizon!

    Hope this helps with clarity!

  • gabrieltomescugabrieltomescu Member, Administrator Posts: 33 admin

    Hey @Caro , a few updates from your post:
    1) Receipts on transactions: If you open a transaction in the panel view, we indicate whether the transactions came from a receipt, and provide a link to view the receipt.

    2) Taxes on transactions: If you add a sales tax to a transaction, we display a tax badge in the row, so you see at a glance which transactions have taxes applied.

    These are available in our new version of the accounting product.

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  • CaroCaro Member Posts: 4
    Fantastic, thank you both, I'll wait to be shifted to the new version so I can play around with those features

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