Issue receiving credit card payment

ATepferATepfer Member Posts: 4

A client has tried to pay the invoice I sent them via Wave, but after entering their payment details and submitting, the page just hangs indefinitely. I do not see any declined payments, and the client's bank sees no attempted payments.


  • PhillipPhillip Member Posts: 2

    I am having same problem. Tried email and pdf version of invoice - same result just saying "sending".

  • QaisEQaisE Administrator Posts: 72 admin

    Hey @Phillip, I see that you have a support ticket open with one of our agents. For issues that includes sensitive information such as this one, it is always best to followup in with the agent that you have an ongoing request with. Should you have any questions on the matter, the agent would be happy to adress them for you!

  • PhillipPhillip Member Posts: 2

    Issue not solved, agent said my customer should not use Internet Explorer. That is a non-solution. Your system should work with any browser.
    I have recreated another wave invoice for my customer to try and pay.

  • RNVLMARNVLMA Member Posts: 3

    I just received an email from a client trying to pay with a card I already have on file and can’t seem to. I just tried to charge the card on file myself and am receiving an error message that “it can’t be charged, please check the info is correct”. Is this as a result of some site tech issues right now.

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