Submit Payments from Wave

mhermsenmhermsen Member Posts: 11

I haven't encountered this anywhere within Wave, so I wanted to see if this was on the roadmap or a possible upcoming feature. Is there an option to submit payments via Wave? For instance a Bill Pay system? Currently I'm entering my bills in Wave, going to my Bank's bill pay system to pay them, and then going back to Wave to state they have been paid. If we could do this all within the Wave system that would save a lot of time!


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    @mhermsen We haven't confirmed anything yet about this sort of feature, but it is a great suggestion! We actually have had a fair number of people request this sort of centralized functionality in Wave, so I can at least say its something our Team is aware of and looking into! I can't guarantee that it will for certain be implemented, but definitely feel free to check back for updates!

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