Option to choose invoice terms as "instalments".

LevyLevy Member Posts: 2

I wonder if Wave team will consider adding another option when setting the due date, to basically be able to choose the terms to be paid in 2, 3 or more instalments. Some of the competitors (OneUp for example) do support this option, however, I'm not sure if you can specify an exact date for each instalment.

Say I bill a client $1,000 and I'd like for it to be paid in the next 4 months. I'd set the payments due to 4 instalments, each month the client should be reminded to pay $250.

This option would be a lifesaver for me.


  • SamdSamd Member Posts: 552 ✭✭✭

    @Levy Definitely agree, and I can confirm this is something that is being worked on for a future update to invoicing. Regardless I've submitted it as a feedback request, so keep an eye out for this functionality!

    In the mean time, one workaround would be to set this up as a recurring invoice in Sales > Recurring Invoices. You could then bill your customer for $250 every month for 4 months. The drawback here is you'd be seeing it as 4 invoices to one customer instead of 1 invoice paid in 4 instalments. The latter is also definitely possible, but as you've noticed you can only set one due date, so the instructions on how and when to pay currently would need to be agreed upon by adding instructions to the notes section of the invoice. Customers can then select to pay online, but edit the amount which they pay (it defaults to full invoice value, but this field can be changed on the customer end).

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