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bocachicabaitsbocachicabaits Member Posts: 3

I've scoured the web looking for any documentation on setting up Wave for an ecommerce site, and have come up empty. Is there any documentation that Wave provides as a guide to setting up accounting for online product sales?


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 513 admin

    @bocachicabaits we're currently beta-testing a function in Wave called Checkouts, which you can read more about here.

    It doesn't function as a traditional ecommerce/web shopping cart, but rather generates links you can embed onto your website (or send directly to customers) so they have the ability to pay you directly via the link with a Credit Card or Bank Payment. It does however require that you setup our Payments by Wave platform. You should be able to find both under Sales on your Wave profile, though if you don't see Checkouts at the moment you will see it soon! Because it is in beta it is not currently rolled out across the board.

    You might also want to checkout our Integrations option, which should be available to you on our Wave Account (in the bottom of the menu near settings), so if you're already using an ecommerce platform like Etsy or Paypal, you can have that data pulled into your Wave Account for bookkeeping purposes.

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