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    @GrannyBe said:

    @czyadgrl said:
    I have 2 scenarios where time and again, I've wished I could archive Products and Customers.

    Untill WAVE comes to the rescue, I just rename customers, suppliers, products etc by adding ZZZ (I call them the snorers or my sleeping partners :-O ) followed by a space, like customer John Doe becomes; ZZZ John Doe or product item 1704 becomes ZZZ 1704. This causes WAVE to keep doing it's job of filing in alphabetical order BUT now all the unwanted customers or product items are thrown way way down. Hope it give some temporary relief until Wave surfes up a solution.
    CHEERS :-)

    I can't believe I haven't thought of this. I do a similar process within gmail for old clients. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Per the note from Wave further above, if "delete" or "archive" isn't technically an option that works for reporting purposes, what about a checkbox within the item or customer data that says something like "exclude from dropdowns" or "inactive customer/product" that then cues the system to NOT list it in dropdowns (but is ulitmately still available somewhere).

    At the end of the day, I think that really what most people want is to get it out of the product and customer drop-downs so that they aren't clogging up the whole "new invoice/quote" process.

    I think?

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    I agree there needs to be a way to "archive" inactive products, customers and invoices. It was said that this is not a priority and it is not something that can be done because it will effect reports. But that is no reason why there can't be a way to mark customers or products as "inactive" because this could be an option that you select when running your reports. You could simply choose to include inactive products or customers if you wanted to. Also why couldn't you add the ability to go into your products and choose to have it hidden from your drop down? This does not change the back end of the programming it only changes the display.

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    Hi all,
    I've recently changed my business model to be more of a contracted out service rather than being direct to the client. I'm looking for a way to tidy up my Customer list so I'm not scrolling through pages of old clients. Obviously I don't want to delete them, but it'd be very helpful to only have the few business clients I now work through as my visible Customer list.
    Any suggestions please?
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    Hey @MamaOMunchkins , I've merged your post into this on-going thread to add your voice to the conversation. As it turns out this feature isn't available at the moment, but there are some workarounds in the thread that will help you keep your customers organized in the meantime.

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