Need Ability to Archive Products and Customers



  • Nick_Page1310Nick_Page1310 Member Posts: 2
    I can't find a way to delete even one customer!

    Please advise
  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @Nick_Page1310, thanks for reaching out! You should be able to delete your customers by navigating to Sales > Customers > Trash can icon beside the customer's name > Delete.

    If you are not seeing that, would you be able to send me on a screenshot of your Sales > Customers page?

  • Nick_Page1310Nick_Page1310 Member Posts: 2
    There is no option to navigate to'sales'.
    My 4 options are
    Items (just a list of lnvoices)
    More (my settings)

    There's no trashcan item or delete option anywhere
  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey @Nick_Page1310. It sounds like you are on the mobile app for invoicing, with that being said, you will need to delete the customers from the actual Wave application itself (by going to Sales > Customers as @Zoe_caff mentioned above).

  • xeniumxenium Member Posts: 20
    If Wave allows bulk load (eg via Wave connect) it is essential to have a bulk delete feature.

    Or at least a warning: "For first upload we suggest only using a few records, as there is no bulk delete feature if things go wrong!"

    No migration goes well first time.
  • CatWhalen1CatWhalen1 Member Posts: 2

    Here is my issue with not being able to archive. I run a small music school business. Most students stay, but some move and graduate or lose interest. To see only this school year's customer base, I have to delete customers from previous years, and in order to do this, I have to delete their paid invoices and info as well. Poof, all info gone. No record left of the student. If I could archive them, or label them inactive, then each year I can get an accurate picture of who we have at the school.

  • matttmattt Member Posts: 3

    One (million) more vote for this please.

    You've got the whole archiving thing the wrong way around. You force us to keep / archive old accounts from the CoA (even if they don't have transactions posted to them) but to hide old customers / products you think we should edit actual financial history?

    It's pretty simple - products/services change and customers/vendors come and go. The ability to 'archive' them (which is literally just hide them from the various places where you might select them, e.g., in invoice generation) is just obvious.

    edited August 19, 2019
  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @xenium, thanks for reaching out! That's a really good point. We don't currently have a bulk delete function but I would be more than happy to pass your suggestion along to our product team! Thanks you.

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 262 admin

    @CatWhalen1 Thanks for giving the community further insight into your business and why it would make sense to be able to archive students (customers) as they come and go. In your case, I can really see how this is an important feature! Like Jamie said a few posts above, this feature is not an immediate priority but the more noise about this, the better in terms of keeping this on our radar. Thanks for sharing!

    @mattt Yes, I totally see your point. It definitely would be very handy to have the option of archiving customers without needing to delete them (along with past payment information). Keep sharing your feedback, team! We appreciate you wanting to make Wave better for everyone.

  • Debster73Debster73 Member Posts: 1

    Can I archive customers, I have a large amount of customers that no longer use us and would like to archive them, (cant delete as invoices connected to account) is there anyway to do this... especially interested if it can be an export/import function so i can do mass changes rather than individual, but if not such is life happy either way x in UK x TIA

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey @Debster73. I'm afraid this isn't something that's currently possible in Wave at the moment (archiving customers in Wave). It could be something to consider in the future, but we don't have any immediate plans on implementing this anytime soon.

  • Debster73Debster73 Member Posts: 1

    thanks anyway am I able to amend customer data by export/import, would be great if I could get them all the sit at the bottom of this list by renaming them eg JOE BLOGGS TO zzzzz JOE BLOGGS followed by there name for example, but to manually do this via edit would be very time consuming...

  • swatteamswatteam Member Posts: 2

    Yes, I vote for the archiving ability as well. Ok Wave team, let's get to it :)

  • dangosarecutedangosarecute Member Posts: 14

    Adding my noise to this.

    • Archiving customers, vendors, products, & services
    • Being able to delete Accounts w/ no transactions in the Chart of Accounts.

    Priority to the first item, which imo is incredibly basic and obviously required by a large chunk of the user base.

  • Resolved_AnalyticsResolved_Analytics Member Posts: 1

    I am also adding my noise to this. We need to be able to archive services that were customer specific without deleting them and affecting our past transactions/invoices/accounting. Are you making any progress on adding this feature?

  • AVRSAVRS Member Posts: 1

    Adding My Noise Too!!!

    (VOTE YES!!!)

    I run a cleaning service and have clients come and go as well as cleaning contractors. Over the past 5 years (a new business), I've had to learn and adapt what my products & services need to be. I now have over 65 Products & Services which I usually only need less than 5 right now. Most of those other Products & Services are connected to 125+ Invoices each. Basically, give us a filter option to (hide/archive) the ones we currently do not use. Plus, another filter option to (hide/archive) our old Clients so we don't have to scroll through such long lists when creating a new invoice.

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hey @dangosarecute, @Resolved_Analytics and @AVRS! Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback here! We have noted your requests. In terms of development, this feature is currently not a priority while we work to release other features this year, but we appreciate you sharing this with us! We love to hear about your businesses and why this feature is important to your workflow.

  • jetthrusteramericajetthrusteramerica Member Posts: 8

    Hi JamieD and ChelseaK, thanks for all the effort!

    I'll give you a much more straight forward use case for "hide"/"inactive" products feature:

    -product added, used on multiple invoices over significant period of time
    -product discontinued(but may be reactivated in future)
    -"inactive" hides from all P&S combo boxes, prohibiting use on estimates and invoices

    prevents inadvertent selection and reduces size of list, improving efficiency for choosing current products, but does not require deletion from existing invoices

    Current Workaround - prefix obsolete products with character '~', which moves said products to bottom of list in alpha-numeric order

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Appreciate you dropping that detail for me @jetthrusteramerica. This is the kind of context that we need in order for future implementation. Although I can't say whether or not this is something that we will be looking at in the immediate future, it does definitely help gather context when rolling things out.

  • jenny_macjenny_mac Member Posts: 1

    @jetthrusteramerica said:
    Current Workaround - prefix obsolete products with character '~', which moves said products to bottom of list in alpha-numeric order

    Thanks for this workaround. Until we can archive customer (and search!) this will put all the archives at the bottom of the list and I don't have to look through them finding current customers. Have only been using Wave 2 years, so my customer base is not too big that doing each one individually is too onerous - yet!
    NOISE here for archiving customers without losing financial info.

  • atelierMUSEatelierMUSE Member Posts: 2
    Hi there! Just wanted to chime in and say being able to hide customers would be helpful. We do a combination of services and item sales, so some are recurring for quite some time and others are one shots. I don't need to delete them, personally, as they could come back for another product someday.

    Being able to star some so they stay on top of the list could be useful too. We have about 5 of those.

    Something a bit more in depth might be to put customers in groups.
  • SouthlandOutdoorSouthlandOutdoor Member Posts: 17

    We run a landscaping company, so of course we have one-off projects with no repeat customers, as well as some clients moving on from our services. The ability to mark a client (as well as products) as inactive would be phenomenal.

  • beancounterbeancounter Member Posts: 10

    This thread has been running for 18 months and still there is no facility to archive inactive customers or products. Many Wave users have asked for this facility and there are probably even more who are putting up with this inadequacy. I hope the Wave team can lift this issue to the top of the priority list!

  • Simon_SiteliftSimon_Sitelift Member Posts: 1

    I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEASSSEEEEEE. It's the one thing that's making me consider ditching wave. So infuritating.

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey @beancounter @Simon_Sitelift

    I understand the frustration here and I do apologize that it feels like your needs aren't being met. Our team is constantly working on bringing users new updates however currently a lot of it has been on back end stuff to get our invoicing platform in a better place. We appreciate you reaching out and love to see +1's on feature ideas. Thank you, and my apologies that I don't have any insights or ETA's for this feature idea.

  • madhurimadhuri Member Posts: 16

    @Alexia said:
    Thank you for your feedback, @sincela!

    While Wave doesn't currently let you archive customers and products (and that is a good idea), I do have a workaround to offer. Since both these lists are alphabetical, you can send a given entry to the bottom of the list by adding a few "Z"s before its name. It isn't an elegant solution, but it might still help for now.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share this!

    "by adding a few zz before its name" - like you mentioned above may not be a good solution . all the invoices that had this item previously , show zzz at the begining of the item now . screen shot of invoice is attatched

  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 439 admin

    Hey @madhuri , thanks for your feedback here. The suggestion to add a 'zz' to the item(s) is purely to make it appear lower on your lists when adding items to new invoices. It will make it appear with a zz in front of it on older invoices. As this is a workaround, I know it's not ideal to have the zz in front of the item on your old invoices, so I'll be sure to share your feedback on this with the team for consideration in future feature improvements. (If you'd rather not have the 'zz' in front of the item, you can remove it in Sales > Products & Services, and then it will return to where it was in the alphabetical order.)

  • MaggieMaeMaggieMae Member Posts: 2

    If I had employees that worked as slowly or ignored me as Wave does with the issue of archiving customers and products I'd put them on suspension until they could get it right. One comment said this thread has lasted 18 months. That's ridiculous. Instead of branching out into new fields like banking it would be wise to first get the basics right. It make me wonder what kind of glitches I'd run into if I started using their banking service. (This doesn't even except mobile deposits) It's probably time to find a service that better fits my needs. But I keep hoping they'll get this fixed.

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 515 admin

    Hi @MaggieMae! I can totally appreciate that it feels as though the many Wavers who have posted their sentiments into this feature idea discussion are being ignored. I'll be first to say, that it's not ideal that a feature like this hasn't been implemented, and more importantly I'd like to say that I'm sorry that we haven't made you feel as though you are being heard. By no means was it our intention, however, I can understand that when no action has been visible, that you and the many others are left feeling this way.

    What might not have been articulated well enough here is the technical limitations that exist around the ability to delete a product or customers. When you have used a product or a customer on an invoice, they are not just linked to the invoice, they are also linked to the reporting. What this means is that they are not able to be deleted or archived because they are necessary for reports including (but not limited to) the "Income by Customer Report", "Customer Statement", and the "Aged Receivable Report". If a product or customer is not linked to any report, they can in fact be deleted once created. While I understand that in some cases your product or customer list may include more items than are currently necessary, as we have a platform that works to integrate all features of Wave into one dynamic reporting system, they must remain here in order to ensure that your reporting continues to be accurate.

    Happy to further discuss this, however, I do want to be clear that while this discussion remains open, it does not mean that the team is not working on innovating the sales portion of Wave, even if we did just launch a new product. Our aim has always been to simplify the lives of business owners, and while this specific feature admittedly causes inconvenience, as a platform, offering new products within the Wave ecosystem is important to continue serving Wavers in as many ways as we can.

  • GrannyBeGrannyBe Member Posts: 1

    @czyadgrl said:
    I have 2 scenarios where time and again, I've wished I could archive Products and Customers.

    Untill WAVE comes to the rescue, I just rename customers, suppliers, products etc by adding ZZZ (I call them the snorers or my sleeping partners :-O ) followed by a space, like customer John Doe becomes; ZZZ John Doe or product item 1704 becomes ZZZ 1704. This causes WAVE to keep doing it's job of filing in alphabetical order BUT now all the unwanted customers or product items are thrown way way down. Hope it give some temporary relief until Wave surfes up a solution.
    CHEERS :-)

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