Back dating bank reconciliation

MarcyMarcy Member Posts: 2

I have just started using Wave for doing our accounting for a community group.
I want to start it from 1.7.18 but I am having trouble setting up my bank account with it's starting balance. It seems to only let me start my banking records from today's date. Any help appreciated.


  • TylerTyler Administrator Posts: 104 admin

    Hey @Marcy! First off, welcome to Wave! Hope you've found our software useful in helping you run your business so far. To do a reconciliation, you will first need to have the transactions added to Wave for the historical data first - you can do this through ACCOUNTING > Transactions and entering the necessary dates. After that, when you click ACCOUNTING > Reconciliation, you should be able to then Edit the "ending date" to meet your needs.

  • MarcyMarcy Member Posts: 2

    Great. Many thanks for your help.

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