Viewing Invoice Details on Split-Deposit Income Transactions

markollidesmarkollides Member Posts: 4

I often receive payments from customers in the form of one check to cover multiple invoices.
I use the "Split this Deposit" button then select the category, "Payment received for an invoice in Wave" for each split when creating an income transaction in order to select individual invoices and record one large payment against many.
The issue is that, once that transaction is saved, I do not see any way to go back into the transaction details and view which specific invoice each split applies to; the invoice # is cut off in the drop down box for each category.
Is there some way to see the individual invoices a split transaction is applied to after saving?


  • CharlotteCharlotte Administrator Posts: 693 admin

    Hi @markollides ! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the cut off invoice number?

  • markollidesmarkollides Member Posts: 4

    Hi @Charlotte
    Sure, I'd be happy to.
    This is a screenshot of the "edit transaction details" section of a muilt-invoice payment in the accounting>transactions menu.

    Again, I would just like some way to see what invoices these are so I can correlate a check to the invoices it paid for.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to have a look.

  • markollidesmarkollides Member Posts: 4

    It appears this has been fixed.
    The invoice numbers now appear at the beginning of the line of text so they show before the cut-off

    It looks like this now:
    "Invoice #0000 | Payment fro...."

    Thanks to the people at Wave for listening!

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