Income Chart Overstated

Nini_75Nini_75 Member Posts: 1
I am using the free version of waves accounting and I have noticed that my income Chart seems outrageous for some reasons unknown to me. This month however, it was quite obvious that income attributed to my business isn't so. What am I not doing or doing to make it so?


  • epitomaepitoma Member Posts: 12

    If you are importing from your bank, Wave will read ANY deposits as Income. It's up to you afterwards to go through the transactions and categorize them correctly. Which also means you need to have all the appropriate accounts set up in your chart of accounts.

    What is your business and what are some of the things getting read as income?

  • CharlotteCharlotte Administrator Posts: 693 admin

    Thank you @epitoma !

    @Nini_75 please do let us know.

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