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    Thanks for chipping in, @Sky!

  • GeoffGeoff Member Posts: 1

    +1 for this feature. Especially as it's not possible to add an email address when sending from mobile. So multiple email addresses in the customer setup please.

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    Hi, @Geoff.

    Thanks for adding to this discussion!

    It is possible to add more receivers on the Invoices app. When you get to the invoice sending step, you can add other addresses separated by commas to the "To:" field. You'll still have to do it manually, which isn't always convenient, but you can send invoices to multiple addresses from your mobile device.

  • MarkSmithR9009MarkSmithR9009 Member Posts: 2

    Hi @Alexia

    This doesn’t work on iPhone, as the keyboard does not have a comma available when you click in the “To” box. I think automatically presents you with a keyboard suitable for typing email addresses, for which you never need a comma...

    @Alexia said:
    Hi, @Geoff.

    Thanks for adding to this discussion!

    It is possible to add more receivers on the Invoices app. When you get to the invoice sending step, you can add other addresses separated by commas to the "To:" field. You'll still have to do it manually, which isn't always convenient, but you can send invoices to multiple addresses from your mobile device.

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    Hi, @MarkSmithR9009.

    I know this is an annoying workaround, but you'll have to copy a comma from somewhere else and paste it in that field. The keyboard on iPhones does this for a few fields on our apps and unfortunately, there isn't much we can do to control it. You could install a different keyboard on your phone entirely, but I don't have a specific keyboard to recommend.

  • Brian7270Brian7270 Member Posts: 1

    How has this simple functionality not been added yet?

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    Hi, @Brian7270.

    I'm no programmer, so I can't say how much work would be going into adding this feature, but given how many different things interlock in Wave, it might be much more work than it appears.

    With that said, I can tell you that we are aware of how useful this would be to our users and we are listening to your feedback.

  • BigDBigD Member Posts: 1

    +1 in support of multiple recipients in the "Customer Setup / Edit" my reasoning I send most of my Invoices to the Accounts Departments however on some Jobs these Invoices also Require Authorisation from Project Managers / Directors / Owners. Without this feature it makes Recurring Invoices completely Useless in these scenarios.

    But i do also understand the ramifications of trying to implement this as i have worked for a Software Development Company for over 15 years I can say with certainty this would not be particularly easy due to the cross platform compatibility and their individual explicit requirements

    However that said with this amount of feedback for a Feature it would be nice to know if this is Actually being worked on or you are simply appeasing the masses with the standard (we take your feedback seriously response) this should have really been implemented at conception multiple recipients is a Default Email Feature on 99.9% of All Platforms.


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, @BigD.

    Thank you for both adding to this discussion and for your understanding. I'll keep forwarding any feedback to our product team. Comments like yours are the best way to let us know what your business needs to thrive and help us grow, thank for sharing!

  • svvitalesvvitale Member Posts: 4

    +1. Nearly every one of my customers has an accounts payable department that handles actual payments. Having both parties on all invoices by default is key, particularly for repeat/recurring customers.

    Is this forum the best spot to keep track of any work being done on this feature?


  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    @svvitale yes, the forum is a good place to keep tabs on updates across the board for sure (keeping in mind that because a feature request exists, it doesn't mean we'll be able to build it in the immediate future - there are lots of factors involved in that process).

    However, it is extremely helpful to know how business owners like yourself are using Wave and how suggestions like this fit into your business. You mention that your customers have an accounts payable department. I assume that this means that you must send your invoice to this department and also cc the client, is that accurate? Would you mind if I asked what field you're in? Do most of your clients pay via invoice?

  • svvitalesvvitale Member Posts: 4

    Hi @Charlotte! We provide technology services for live events like conferences, job fairs, and food/beer/wine festivals. Our invoices are due upon services rendered, and yes, most of our customers pay by invoice. We also have many repeat customers, and adding the appropriate people/departments each time to the CC is not always easy to remember on a customer-by-customer basis.

    We work mostly with a project or events manager. Of all of our customers, only 10% of our invoices are paid by that project manager - the rest are all paid by an accounting department (but the manager still needs to be informed).

  • Flywheel_ITFlywheel_IT Member Posts: 1

    I'm sending my first invoice now as a new user from PayPal and this was the first thing I needed to do. +1 this feature

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, @Flywheel_IT,

    I understand that it isn't a perfect solution, but you can send an invoice to multiple addresses, they'll just need to be added manually when you get to the sending of that invoice. With that said, I do understand your frustration with the absence of that future. Thank you for adding your voice to this discussion!

  • mflynnmflynn Member Posts: 3

    +1 for this. My client's Project Manager wants me to CC their accountant on all invoices so he isn't a bottleneck. As a web app developer I don't see the challenge in adding a "CC invoices to" field on the "Edit a Customer" screen (I've actually added this functionality for a client that wanted to be copied on all emails when an inspection passes or fails). It should be one field added to the customer database table and an additional query when creating a new invoice for that customer that fills in the CC addresses. I don't need the ability to track if the CC person has seen the invoice or anything. I just want them CC'd so they are in the loop. It would be a bonus if the CC'd recipients would get the reminder emails that I sent to the primary client email but not required.

  • pbandrews3pbandrews3 Member Posts: 2

    This is a key functional gap -- here are the specific needs in my case:

    1. Retain, at minimum, the addresses each invoice was sent to, so that by default a new invoice can simply be sent to the same addresses as the most recent previous invoice. Even better, these addresses and default invoice addressing would be retained in the client record.
    2. Need to be able to look up where (emails) a past invoice was sent. This can be critical in collection discussions.


  • pbandrews3pbandrews3 Member Posts: 2

    One more detail:
    3. The email cc sent to me as the billing entity when an invoice is transmitted currently does not show the addresses the invoice was sent to -- it's just an email to me, with no info as to who the invoice was sent to. It would be extremely helpful to see this info.


  • SophiaSophia Administrator Posts: 147 admin

    Hey @pbandrews3 thank you so much for your clear and detailed notes! We (and our product team) so appreciate them :)

  • ChatterboxMediaChatterboxMedia Member Posts: 1

    +1 for this feature.

  • FotanFotan Member Posts: 2

    +1 on this. I have a number of clients who have AR departments who pay the bills, but my client needs a copy to approve.

  • dblong2dblong2 Member Posts: 1

    I too need this functionality. Looking for a workaround to get a copy of a sent invoice automatically sent to another address.

  • chaijxiongchaijxiong Member Posts: 2

    For multiple recipients, when click on the + sign to get a new textbox for a new recipient, can that text box list matching recipient as we type the email/name? Currently, if I have to cc multiple people, I have to copy each email and paste to the text box. This is really a time waster. Good job on the multiple recipient feature though. Thank you.

  • DanielFriesDanielFries Member Posts: 2
    I need this feature please. I regularly invoice an organization where one person needs to approve the invoice and another person pays it. They ask that both be copied. Please add it, thank you!
  • post78post78 Member Posts: 15
    I'm a little confused by the delay here. This is something that should be an obvious addition and is being requested by numerous users over the past year including myself and the only response seems to be "we appreciate your input".
    Is it being added or not? I might need to move on to a new solution.
  • bkmmtsbkmmts Member Posts: 2
    • for me - I need this very badly
  • DaveBDaveB Member Posts: 12

    +1 for the capability to:
    1. Attach multiple contacts (Names and email address) to each customer.
    2. Designate each contact to be TO/CC/BCC on the email distribution by default for sending invoices.
    3. Override/adjust the default distribution at invoice send-time, to allow for one-off departures from routine.
    4. Send the invoice as a single distribution so that all recipients see who all the other recipients that have also received the invoice for better transparency (i.e. 1 email message sent to multiple TO/CC recipients and not 1 discrete email message to each recipient).

  • JK007JK007 Member Posts: 6

    +1 need this feature too. I moved over my billing to Wave from paypal but this makes me want to move it back to paypal. I'd prefer to have Wave receive that revenue from payments so PLEASE get this feature going.

  • MarkerMarker Member Posts: 1

    Having to add additional email addresses manually to each invoice sent really isn't good practice (or design).
    Let's say I add a second email address to the invoice...will both recipients receive subsequent reminders?

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 461 admin

    @Marker for what it's worth, the reminder will only be sent to the primary email which is associated with that customer (you can check this yourself when you click "send reminder"; it'll only list the primary email address, if that helps).

  • JelaniJelani Member Posts: 1

    +1 for the multiple recipient email addresses feature. I need this.

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