Self Assessment Return Deadline (UK) 31 October

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Do you really want to "Self" Assess?

You're in business to make money doing what you're good at, not because you wanted to become a book keeper, accountant and tax adviser. The Self Assessment return deadline for all non electronic filing is 31 October, but why not engage an accountant to deal with it for you. They can file online for you, which gives you another 3 months to file, and it takes the stress of completing the forms away from you to leave you focussed on your business and do what you do best.

We are open to new business who are aiming for the January 2019 final deadline for 2017/18 accounts, but only if we are engaged and have records supplied to us by 30 November. If the Self Assessment deadline isn't an issue for you right now we are happy to engage with you anytime up to 2 months prior to a return deadline (3 months for larger businesses).

If you would like to know more feel free to drop an email to us on "[email protected]"

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