Multiple Deposits from different sources in one Stripe transaction - how to split?

DaveyGDaveyG Member Posts: 7

Hi. If I get paid for more than one invoice on the same day from various sources (not direct via Wave) I've found that Stripe will deposit these as a lump sum.

So for instance I had 2 invoices paid on the same day, 1 for $495 and 1 for $185.90. The $495 was paid via my website and the $185.90 as a credit card payment via WAVE. After stripe fee these are as follows ($495 - $8.95 fee = $486.05) and ($185.90 less $3.55 fee = $182.35)

These payments have been received into my bank account as a lump sum of $668.40 ($486.05 + $185.90)

The 2nd payment ($185.90 less $3.55 fee / $182.35) has been automatically recorded as an invoice payment in Wave as it was paid direct but the other one ($495) hasn't been recorded as yet as it was paid via my website. However Stripe has put this payment of $668.40 through, so now I have to work out how to account for the 'outstanding' $495/$486.05 invoice in Wave and ignore the other $185.90/$182.35 as this has already been recorded.

Can anyone assist with this?


  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    Hi @DaveyG ! Thanks for your patience here. What you may want to do in order to record these payments is to split your transaction into the respective invoice payments and match them to your invoices. The merchant fee transaction can be allocated to an expense account. You can see a similar discussion on this subject here (disregard the GST portion if that isn't relevant to you).

    I'd like to apologize again for your post going unanswered for such a long period of time. I hope you won't be discouraged from joining the conversation in the future!

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