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I am Anieti-mfon Inyang, an entrepreneur who has been using wave since 2014. I have started three small businesses in the past 7 years and since 2014 I have been keeping my financial records with wave. I now have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in accounting and wave. You can reach me for help with setting up and/or running your accounting books with wave. You don't need to be in my country as we will collaborate mostly on the internet. Looking forward to working with you!


  • GigKitsGigKits Member Posts: 2

    Hi, Im Nana Kwame from Ghana.

    Good to know a brother is here to help.

    I am able to a lot of things with Wave - What I need help with is transferring funds from one account to the other.

    So for instance, how do I record in Wave a transfer I did from my Mobile Money Account to My bank Account?

    Hope you can help me with this.

    Thank you

  • anieti216anieti216 Member Posts: 2

    Glad to have a brother here too. Use the following steps to achieve that
    1. Go to 'transactions' (a sub-menu under 'Accounting')
    2. Click on 'Add expense'
    3. Put details of the transaction (description, Account, date, deposit or withdrawal, total amount) but put the account as 'Mobile Money Account' and 'Withdrawal'
    4. Click on 'category', the first option you will see is 'Transfer to bank, credit card or loan', click on that
    5. A list of all your banks (including 'My bank Account' in your case) will be shown there which you will now click on
    6. Click Save.
    7. Once you have saved it, you will notice that two transactions has been created and money transferred to the new account.

    I hope that was helpful, if you need further clarifications you can drop your email so we talk directly.

    Warm Regards

  • AghoghoAghogho Member Posts: 1

    @anieti216 Hello Anieti-mfon,
    Please I want to know how you went about having your VAT inclusive as the wave app doesn't make provision for this.

  • Tinu20_Tinu20_ Member Posts: 4

    @anieti216 @Aghogho With the depriotisation of non US and Canada customers, have you tried Traction Apps - www.tractionapps.co, they have all the Wave features, and NIgeria payment options integrated. and they are free

    I have moved to them, given the changes on Wave, and its been a pleasant experience

  • KAMIKAMI Member Posts: 1
    Good morning all,

    Just joined this community even though I have being using the app for more than 3 years now.

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