Tax Planning Time

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October is just about over and it is time to start thinking about your 2018 tax return filing. If you are a sole proprietor, single member LLC, partnership, S corporation, C corporation and or an employee of one of these entities, now is the time to have a meeting with your accountant, tax professional or trusted adviser to consider your tax obligation for 2018.

What have you done to to start the tax planning process?

                             *  Have you reviewed year to date financials? 

                             * Projected year end net income? 

                             * Determined if you qualify for the new "QBI" deduction? 

                             * Taken the new "QBI" deduction into consideration? 

                             * Paid estimated taxes? 

                             * Adjusted your W-4 for employee federal tax withholding? 

Just curious to know how the planning process is going.

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