Monthly vs. Quarterly Reconciliation

SuzettemlSuzetteml Member Posts: 3

Is there a way to change the settings to reflect an account that only sends quarterly statements? My savings account only sends qtrly, not monthly, but my other accounts are all monthly. If not, how would you handle reconciliation?


  • Katie_WaveKatie_Wave Administrator Posts: 19 admin

    Hey @Suzetteml, this is a great question! Wave's reconciliation tool doesn't have any additional settings, it's month-by-month only. For your account that has quarterly statements, contacting your bank might be a good first step. They may be able to provide monthly statements, or point you to where you can download a custom monthly statement via your online banking.

    If not, my best suggestion is to use a spreadsheet tool like Excel or Google Sheets to break the quarterly statement down into its three component months to do the reconciliation. Hopefully doing this only once a quarter means this process isn't too much of a hassle!

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