Canceling Payroll?

br1ckhousebr1ckhouse Member Posts: 1

I had to let my one employee go. His final DD payment is still pending. I don't intend to hire anyone else for quite some time. How can I properly shut-down my payroll? Any tips on properly shutting down my tax liabilities regarding this are bonus points! Thank You.



  • Michelle_AMichelle_A Administrator Posts: 45 admin

    Thanks so much for reaching out, @br1ckhouse! To deactivate your payroll subscription, you can proceed to Settings > Payroll > Billing. Doing so means that you will no longer be charged the monthly subscription fee. You mention that you don't intend to hire anyone else for some time; however, if you do in the future, you can go to the same page and reactivate from there! All pre-existing information will still be there.

    If you are availing of our tax services, I would recommend actually reaching out via support ticket here. That way, our designated team for tax services will be able to grab your ticket and ensure that this is taken care of! :)

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