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GoodAccountingGoodAccounting Member Posts: 29

The Dashboard has some minimal graphics, but being able to see Income, Expenses, or Net over several years it helpful. It could be as simple as a table or fancy like a double line graph. The pie chart on the Dashboard is great for expenses, but it only shows current year. Would be good to have a drop down menu so I can look at prior years. But the table function would work great here too. Years going across Y-axis with all income or expenses categories going down down the Y axis. Smaller businesses stay small unless they compare numbers, learn, & grow.


  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    Hey @GoodAccounting,

    Thanks for the feedback! Even though these types of insights can be generated from the Reports page, I'm curious to know what else you'd like to see at a glance on your dashboard. Do you mind sharing other insights you'd want displayed there, and what kind of outcomes would you look for? Thanks!

  • McLarenMCL33McLarenMCL33 Member Posts: 4

    Probably a clickable pie on expenses so it takes me directly to the reports page. Or if I click on income on the Income Expense it takes me there so I can adjust.
    Even the original posters recommendation that a drop down menu to toggle time periods would be really useful.

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    @McLarenMCL33 thank you so much for the feedback! Curious, what insights are you looking to gain at a glance? This is a good description of how you'd like to move around in the application, but I'm wondering what information you're looking for, and with what frequency?

  • ValerieValerie Member Posts: 1

    I work with non-accounting types that don't want to look at numbers on a spreadsheet for maximum impact. I would love to just have the Dashboard pie chart options available so that I can see a chart for every month on demand. I know I can compile the data and make my own pie charts - but it would be sweet if the Wave program could do this for me

  • McLarenMCL33McLarenMCL33 Member Posts: 4


    • If I click on "others" in the pie, a more detailed look.
    • If I click on Utilities a way to check if utilities are same, or rising falling
    • If I am in "this year" a "monthly breakdown" for category utility or travel expense as those

    In the images below the bloomberg watchlist allows clicks to zoom in/out. I am clicking on the RED DOT of the pie and it zooms into that section of the pie. when I click the middle it zooms out. I get a very quick overview of what's normal and what needs attention.

  • ManiMani Administrator Posts: 82 admin

    Great conversation here @McLarenMCL33 @Valerie @GoodAccounting. Thanks for sharing. I encourage all others who come across this thread to leave their thoughts as well. This will be very valuable to our product team as we look to enhance this functionality throughout 2019.

  • joesideasjoesideas Member Posts: 4

    It would be cool if you could see month to month bar graphs for different income or expense categories. Like the dashboard graph for P/L, but if you could select a category to compare monthly spending or revenue for different expense categories or income streams.

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 555 admin

    Thank you @joesideas! Can I ask - did you make that username specifically for submitting ideas here? Regardless, keep the coming, I think this sort of data tracking and analysis functionality would be of great benefit.

  • joesideasjoesideas Member Posts: 4

    Haha no I just like ideas... but I respect that Wave accounting is free so I don't bother you guys much, just this 1 thing I think would be great for any business owner. (the only other problem I have is with PayPal not working, but that's a known issue with a huge thread already :smile: )

    Other than that I think it's an excellent app.

    Thanks for creating and improving! I used this 3 years ago and quit, but it's much better now, I like.

  • rwall88rwall88 Member Posts: 11

    I also really want to be able to change the date range in the pie chart. The Monthly Idea mentioned earlier is fine. or a date range box would work even better.

    I also really want to be able to generate a transaction list of the individual expenses within 1 section of the pie chart when I click on that section in the chart. Just have this list appear in a filtered transactions page in a new tab.

  • arajinoarajino Member Posts: 1

    Yes I would like to also be able to get option to see previous years' Pie Chart on expenses breakdown, please? Many thanks before.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Appreciate the feedback that everyone has given us here. While I don't have a solid 'yes' to this feature being implemented anytime soon, I do want to let everyone know that our eyes are on this thread and when/if we have something in terms of adding this in the future and what it will look like, we will be sure to let everyone know.

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