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GoodAccountingGoodAccounting Member Posts: 30

While trying to determine the best way to set up a Notes Receivable, I had created a recurring invoice. I then attempted to delete the recurring invoice. The option doesn't exist. It it listed as 'ended' in the "all recurring invoices' tab. Pretty messy. Easy Fix.


  • Michelle_AMichelle_A Administrator Posts: 45 admin

    @GoodAccounting Thanks for reaching out! As you have probably already figured out, you would have to complete/save these drafts (to convert them to active recurring invoices) with the first send date some time in the future (to avoid having them sent to your customers). This is because only active recurring invoices can be ended at this time. I can appreciate that it doesn't seem like the smoothest approach, and it's not to say that this feature won't be made available in the future- we just don't have a concrete ETA right now for when you'll see this ability implemented unfortunately!

  • GoodAccountingGoodAccounting Member Posts: 30

    Hi! I'm not trying to end or begin the recurring invoice. I'm trying to delete is all together so it doesn't show up at all. I don't want it listed as 'ended'. I never used it & want it gone. but there is no delete option.

  • TylerTyler Administrator Posts: 105 admin

    @GoodAccounting we're working on adding the delete function to be user-facing but right now it will show either Draft, Active or Ended RIs. Using the filter along the top should reduce the "noise" a little bit until we get delete live.

  • GoodAccountingGoodAccounting Member Posts: 30

    great. thanks.

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