How do you delete a CheckOut?

Delta_Fly_1976Delta_Fly_1976 Member Posts: 5

Once created the only options I find for the new BETA CheckOut feature is either to edit or to turn off. No way to delete?


  • Michelle_AMichelle_A Administrator Posts: 45 admin

    Hi again @Delta_Fly_1976! So, it is a bit of a manual process to delete a Checkout. To do so, you want to head over to Sales > Checkouts, and select the arrow beside the Checkout in question. Select 'Turn Off'. Once this is set to inactive, you can select this arrow again to have the option to 'Archive'. Doing this will create a button to 'Discard' to the left of the menu button on the checkout, which will finally delete it.

    I hope this helps to clarify! It takes a few more steps to delete a checkout because, once a user has accepted payments, this just ensures that it can be archived rather than removed completely.

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