YTD Month to month profit and loss comparison report

WHEPlumbingWHEPlumbing Member Posts: 1

I was wondering if you guys can add a report that shows each month (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc) side by side for comparison?


  • kvzkvz Member Posts: 1

    Any movement on this? I feel this is an important part of good end of month accounting practices. In Quickbooks I was used to displaying the last 12 months of P&L with each month as a separate column. I then scan through each P&L account line and look for months that stand out (e.g. looking at bank changes, one month is twice as much as all the others, so I dig into it and find either 1) it's something that is miss-categorized or 2) I paid a fee that I was maybe not aware of, or 3) it's an annual feel, etc...). It's also good as way to see how your income and expenses vary throughout the year. Right now the only way to do this is to export each month and update it in a separate spreadsheet, which seems somewhat cumbersome. Yes, I know, I'm complaining about FREE software. Hahaha. Anyway, would be awesome if the team at WAVE can make this possible. Thanks.

  • ConnorMConnorM Member Posts: 1,229 ✭✭✭

    Hey @kvz. Currently, there aren't any plans for this kind of report to be implemented into Wave, but the export workaround (although cumbersome) could be a good start! Totally hear you, don't worry, your feedback is still valuable regardless of whether or not our software is free! I'll make sure to get eyes on this from the team who starts thinking about future upgrades :)

  • tesstess Member Posts: 2

    @ConnorM I would love to see this as well! Wave already allows us to generate a P&L with two periods side to side with the "compare to a prior period" would be great to just be able to keep adding this option to do 12 comparison periods (for monthly); even 4 comparison periods would be great to look at quarterly trends

  • christypricechristyprice Member Posts: 10

    Another vote for this important feature @ConnorM

  • louis_kreusellouis_kreusel Member Posts: 4

    And another vote to implement this important report!

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