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Hi. I'm new to Wave and am trying to determine if it is a good fit for me as a handyman/contractor. Typically, my invoices for service calls show the reason for the call and then the description of work done.

It seems I must create a "product" for each job, as each job will be unique in description and in price. This will result in hundreds of similarly named "products and services" in short time.... and unless I'm missing something, this seems a very bulky and unnecessary. It would be nice if there were an option to just leave this free hand.

For example, here is my workload (listed as described above) for the 2 days:

Invoice 1
Leak under kitchen sink: Replaced strainer basket
Entry door not locking: Shimmed and aligned door

Invoice 2
Well pump runs but delivers no water:
Replaced pressure tank, suction line, and foot valve. Re-plumbed and relocated tank/pump. Installed cut off valve. Flushed & relocated water heater.
Toilet not filling tank with water: Installed toilet flush valve and owner provided flapper.

Invoice 3
Leak under kitchen sink: Tightened drain-line fittings

Invoice 4
Install owner provided dishwasher: Removed old dishwasher, replaced supply and drain lines. Repaired underside mounting area on laminated counter. Installed new dishwasher.

So for each one of these, I have to create a "product and service". In one year's time I'll probably have 75 "Leak under kitchen sink" entries with all different work descriptions an prices. There's got to be a better way - please tell me what I'm missing here. Thanks!


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    Exact same concern as a graphic designer...

    Design Hours - Keyword research (7/25)
    Design Hours - Rough draft (7/31)
    Design Hours - Draft #2 (8/8)

    Consult Hours - Keyword discussion (07/27)
    Consult Hours - Draft review (8/2)

    etc., etc.

    I've also discovered that I can't even delete all these accumulated "products and services," because of this error: "We can't delete this product because it's associated with Invoice ###. To delete the product, remove it from the Invoice ###." Well, I don't want to remove it from that invoice; it belongs there.

    What gives??

  • CharlotteCharlotte Administrator Posts: 693 admin

    @LutheranTech @AffordableFix thank you for sharing your findings! Our recommended workflow here would be something like this:

    • Rather than creating multiple entries for subtypes of Design Hours, for example, create one service entry for Design Hours
    • The pricing for products and services is variable, so when you create your invoice, add Design Hours, enter the type of work in the description (e.g. Keyword research, date) and then adjust the price accordingly.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

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    Similar question: I sell weekly karaoke nights to a large number of customers. I'd like to create a single product called "Weekly karaoke night" but the problem is, I have different prices for the same item for different customers. For example, Customers A, B, and C pay $100, but Customer D, E, and F pay $150, while Customer G pays $200.

    I know I can manually adjust the price on each invoice, but that will get a little tedious over time, and opens the possibility of accidentally producing an invoice with the "default" price rather than that customer's regular price.

    I know I can also create multiple items "Weekly karaoke night @ Customer 1," "Weekly karaoke night @ Customer 2," etc. etc. But I'd rather not have to create a new product every time I get a new customer. (That also means, if I want to increase all my prices by $50, I have to make edits in a bunch of different places.)

    Is there a way to have a single product, with different prices depending on the customer?

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  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 460 admin

    Hey @lzr9000, there isn't a way to have a single product with multiple price points depending on the customer that you assign that product to, unfortunately. The workflow options you've described above are both what I'd recommend in your situation, although I respect it's not ideal. I'm happy to pass this along as feedback to our Product team, however!

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