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I like sending out invoices from Gmail, but would like it even more if there was a way to change the default subject line and email body text. Is there a way to do this? Even better if there was a way to change the text using some of the info from the invoice itself (like the info below the word "Invoice" where I put the project name for the client).

If this isn't a thing, I'll add this to the other discussion thread to suggest improvements.



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    Hey @thejohnmwhite this kind of customization is not possible in Wave's invoice emails. But we'd love to hear from you - what specific information you'd like for your customers to see in the invoice email? How much customization of subject line, email body text is required - do you see these as auto-populated fields or something of a personal message you prefer to send to your clients? The more info, the better!

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    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for the response! I do think it would be improved if there were some auto-populate options with the invoice. Here is how I think it could be better by way of example:

    First, I use the Summary field to write in the project info. I send a lot of invoices to the same clients, so it's helpful to have a project name or reference number.

    Here's what the "send invoice" option currently looks like.

    And here's how I think it could be improved with an auto-populate from the Summary field.

    And here's what could be default text in the body of the email. Again, auto-populated text from client's name, project name and amount of invoice (which you already have if I send through Gmail).

    Lastly, it would be great to have another column in the main Invoices view for the Summary field. In my case, I'd label it as "Project".


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    +1 on this. My clients require that I send them invoices with a specific subject line so that they can pick up and process my invoices automatically using their payroll systems

  • thejohnmwhitethejohnmwhite Member Posts: 3

    Hey @Katie_Silkina, is anyone looking at a way to auto-populate the subject line and/or create a new column when looking at all invoices?

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    I agree with thejohnmwhite! I'd like to create a general reply text, but with variable field indexes like [customer] or [name], etc. I use these a lot in my automated emails and they're really helpful! That way, we're not spending a ton of time typing out individual emails to each client for their invoices.


    Subject : Invoice [invoice #] for project [project name] from Digital FX Media

    Message: Hi [customer]! Here is your invoice for [project]. Thank you again for your business!

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    @thejohnmwhite @DigitalFX Appreciate the feedback and insight here on how we can make the replies to the clients more customizable. This is something that could be in the works for the future, but we still don't have any immediate plans regarding this for the time being.

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    Is there a way to customise the text on the body of the email and it says

    Hi (Full Company Name)

    Also would like to change the wording of this email in general.

    Any thoughts or help with this tweak
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    Hey there @Valleyview

    I've merged your question into a thread of folks who were previously discussing this matter. Unfortunately there is no way to customize this text box. At this this time the only customizable options for your invoicing is under Settings > invoice customization, but as you may already know you cannot change the body of text.

    A common workaround some of our users do is to download the PDF of the invoice and send the invoice as an attachment in an email. You can still enable payments by wave in your downloadable PDF.

    Or you can choose to send from your own email within Wave when you select the send invoice option.

    I understand these are simply workarounds and you should know we are working on the back end of invoicing so that we can begin rolling up new updates!

    Take care and have a great weekend!

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