Payment reminders going out a day earlier than invoice due date.

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Automatic payment reminders are now going out the day before the invoice is due and invoices are showing 'Due Today' when they're not due until tomorrow. This just started happening since the new look change. Prior to that, automatic payment reminders went out the morning of the day the invoices were due and invoices were showing the 'Due Today' on the correct day they were due.
i.e. There is a batch of invoices dated October 4th and due October 4th. All those customers received a payment due now reminder this morning and their invoices are all showing Due Today (October 3rd) when they're dated/due for the 4th.
Please advise how to fix this glitch. Have had a lot of customer feedback today (not positive! lol) as they're wondering why all of a sudden we want their money before their invoice is due or products received.
Thank you!


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    This appears to still be an issue. On January 3rd, I issued my first invoice, with a same day due-date (January 3rd). When the invoice was created, it stated that it was "Overdue - Due 1 day ago".

    Today, it says that it is "Overdue - Due 2 days ago", despite that it does recognize that today is still January 4th.

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    Apologies about the silence on the thread here folks.

    @CMH @Raya this may be timezone related. When you have the chance, can you head over to your account settings located under business name > Manage Your Profile (top left corner). Head over to Businesses > click the pen icon to edit business information. Here can you confirm that the timezone is set correctly for your business?

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    Hi Katie,
    The time zone is set correctly.

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    @CMH I just thought I would mention that the invoice page itself works on UTC time, what that means though is that invoices are overdue based on UTC (not the actual timezone). Further to this, only recurring invoices are timezone aware (so we would only send out reminders on the recurring invoice based on your actual timezone if the invoice is recurring). For regular invoices, reminders are sent out in EST. Can you please confirm whether or not this is a recurring invoice or a regular invoice?

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