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VenistonVeniston Member Posts: 2

It would be really useful to me to be able to send attachments with invoices. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this but as a consultant I invoice for time primarily, but also expenses. Sometimes when I act as an embedded subcontractor I have to do a customer timesheet which needs to go with an invoice, or I have to include scans of receipts with expenses.

It would be nice to keep those together in the system, or at least be able to have them all go in the same e-mail.


  • nycregoddessnycregoddess Member Posts: 2

    Me too. I just switched to Wave because it's a complete set of books. But previously I used a different system called Hiveage which had a great tracking feature for both expenses and time (I basically only used the expenses). I did the expense entry and attached the receipt scan. Then when I was ready to bill for reimbursement, I just clicked all the entries for one client and clicked "create invoice". Everything went into the invoice along with a link to download the original receipt. So much easier.

  • Michelle_AMichelle_A Administrator Posts: 45 admin

    Hi there- great suggestion! As of right now, you can export/download your invoice as a PDF and edit from your own device. In doing so, you could add this attachment and send it from your own email address.

    However, it's definitely helpful to see how you have used a feature like this in the past, @nycregoddess! This is certainly something that has been requested from users before. @Veniston - I'd love to know how often do you find in your business that this would be a necessary feature?

  • VenistonVeniston Member Posts: 2

    The expense/receipt thing that @nycregoddess mentioned would be extremely useful I agree. For some contracts I have direct reimbursement, other with say 10% mark-up. I can calculate that out myself but the ability to select and attach would be great. Moreso even if we could tag the receipts to a particular customer or job number--I know it could be done by assigning receipts into individual 'accounts', but eventually I'd end up with a stack of different accounts that aren't being actively used.

    On the attachments, I have to attach a status or progress report to around half my invoices. I have so far invoiced mainly to one company because I'd subcontracted through them, but going forward I'll be invoicing more to my direct customers many of whom want to see a progress report (statement of budget spent vs remaining and forecast to complete, which I prepare separately) or other work approval document with the invoice. Yes I can download and send separately but then I move away from the online view functionality, and though I haven't done it so far the online pay functionality is also not be useful for this.

    I'd use it maybe half the time?


  • nycregoddessnycregoddess Member Posts: 2
    Yes I agree that the markup option would ve great as well. I foresee myself doing this arrangement with some new clients.
    And it would solve a different issue I am having with invoicing for reimbursement, which is that every time I put in an amount for reimbursement it gets saved as a different item, which clogs up my list of billable items.
    The idea of exporting invoices and adding the scans of items to be reimbursed is a real downer. I would have to go back to Hiveage and then do complicated exports back to Wave, which has not been fun so far in transferring my previous histories over.
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