Customizing payment information & Merging payments

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Hi everyone,

I actually have two questions - hopefully easy - relating to Wave Accounting.

My first question is whether it's possible to customize or tweak what shows up on the transaction screen for payments. I work in health services, so customer names are confidential. When I record a new payment for example, it shows up on the transaction screen as: "Invoice Payment - 100$ - Payment from John Doe"
Is there any way to have it show something like "Invoice Payment - 100$ - invoice 1204"? If I have a bookkeeper look at the transactions, I don't want them to see the names.

My second question is whether I can merge several invoice payments into one. For example, I might record 3 payments today which all show up individually in my transaction screen as revenue. However, my payment processor only makes one bulk deposit into my bank account. Therefore, the transactions don't match. In Wave I might see 100$, 50$ and 150$ in transactions, but my bank account shows one transaction for 300$.
(Would I use the Merge function for this - it only seems to allow you to merge two transactions at once)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi @MichelleGB! Right now, you won't be able to edit all of your transaction descriptions to fit the way you'd like them to. Invoice payments will appear with a description which corresponds to its associated customer. I can definitely appreciate how crucial it is to keep certain information confidential, however, so this is great insight. Thank you for this.

    You've already seen that at present it's only possible to merge two transactions at once, so these payments would still be separate in your Transactions page. You can still attach the separate payments to the their associated invoice from the Transactions page, however. Let us know if there is anything else that you would like to see that could help your business.

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