Recurring Invoice

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I tried creating a biweekly invoice and experienced the issue captured below. Thank you


  • Michelle_AMichelle_A Administrator Posts: 45 admin

    Hey @wale! Thanks for reaching out here. I'm wondering if this is a potential browser issue- can you please see if this still occurs when using incognito mode (if using Chrome)? You may also have to clear your cache and cookies. I'm hoping that may do the trick, but please do reach out if these columns remain blank! We'd be more than happy to take a further look.

  • walewale Member Posts: 2

    Thank you @Michelle_A. The blank issue was an error from the screenshot app. The problem I intended to report was the date issue. The first invoice was generated on 2018-09-30. The next invoice date is 2018-10-07. It was supposed to be a biweekly invoice generated on Sundays.

    Thank you

  • Michelle_AMichelle_A Administrator Posts: 45 admin

    Ah, thank you for confirming that, @wale ! So, what you're seeing here is a relationship between the chosen start date and then the chosen schedule itself. The first invoice was generated on the start date of Monday October 1st. But then we have the actual schedule of every second Sunday. So the next invoice will generate on that Sunday, and then you will see from then that the invoices will generate as scheduled i.e. every two weeks. You could always cancel this schedule and make a new one with Sunday as the start date to see if that works better for you! Hopefully that helps!

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