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naggsnaggs Member Posts: 1

Whenever I enter payments and transactions, the default "Payment Account" is the cash on hand account, which I very rarely use, so I have to manually select my bank account every time (and sometimes forget to do, which causes confusion and later editing).

Is there a way to change the default "Payment account" selection to a bank account?


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, @naggs,

    For the time being, the payment accounts are ordered by account type, and then alphabetically. The first account on the list is always going to be the first account to come in alphabetical order that is under the "Bank and Cash" account type. It isn't quite what you're looking for, but you could get around this by renaming your bank account to something that starts with A or B, from your Chart of Accounts. This will make your bank account come up before "Cash on hand" in the list, which will make it the default option.

    With that said, it is very much a workaround and I can see how having a default account you can set yourself, or even a series of "Favourite accounts" could be useful. I'll pass your feedback along. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  • atshannon1atshannon1 Member Posts: 9

    It seems like now by default a user has to select a payment category each time. To be honest I preferred the previous 'hack' way of naming the most frequently used payment account an 'A' to alphabetically show first by default to save a few clicks. Is there no way to set the default payment account? Might I suggest adding a default category in the settings?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 544 admin

    Hey @atshannon1 . I would say that this was most likely created as a solution to the option defaulting to the first account on the list; by needing to select the account, you're forced to accurately select it. I think the real solution for your issue though would be having the option to actually choose the account you want it to default to every time. By doing so, you wouldn't have to add an "a" to the beginning of the account, OR have to actually select it. I'll pass these thoughts along to the team on your behalf!

  • atshannon1atshannon1 Member Posts: 9

    Yep, that would be perfect, having the option to select some defaults to save some time. When on the go or in front of someone, the difference of a few extra (annoying) clicks really makes a big difference.

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