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ryanjohnstoncoryanjohnstonco Member Posts: 3

Hello! I'm new to the freelancing world and I had a quick question which I think is simple enough but I need a little clarification of the right way for doing it.

Basically I have a client that I work with (magazine) that simply pays me whenever they use my work and I don't invoice for it. How should I be putting this into Wave? Obviously it comes through as a transaction pulled from my bank, I'm just looking for the correct way to document it.



  • Michelle_AMichelle_A Administrator Posts: 45 admin

    Hey @ryanjohnstonco Good question- I am sure that this is a situation that occurs for a lot of our users! What you could do is create an invoice after this bank transaction, and then associate this payment to the newly created invoice. This will simply mean you can still document it correctly in your own account, but your client can still pay you as they please. Just be sure to select 'Skip Sending' when you create the invoice!

  • ryanjohnstoncoryanjohnstonco Member Posts: 3

    @Michelle_A thank you, this is quite a simple way and definitely how I'll go about doing it from now on! Really appreciate the help

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