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With the new brand update, it would be nice to get an improvement on some of the neglected features, primarily search. Currently, there's no way to search keywords in the project/job name or item descriptions.

I've had a few clients in the past ask for clarification on old estimates or I've had to follow up on older invoices to get paid. The only way for me to find the relevant one is by keeping a written record of which jobs correspond to their respective invoices/estimates or opening a bunch of them until I find the right one. I should be able to simply search "Client A" and "Project B" and find the respective invoice/estimate. It will make the system heaps more user intuitive and much easier for referencing projects with transaction/payment documents.

Some competing platforms have had this feature for a long time now, and while Wave provides a much appreciated holistic accounting service, it's time for Wave to catch up on the little things :smile: Hope to see this feature added soon.




  • Michelle_AMichelle_A Member Posts: 45 admin

    Hi @theAREnetwork ! That's definitely a valuable suggestion. How users can efficiently search for items and information in their account is something we are consistently looking into (for example, you can now search transactions by description in our upgraded version of the software), so the feedback is really appreciated. Thanks for passing this on :)

  • RobCRobC Member Posts: 7

    I found this thread by searching (ironically) the forum to see if invoice search has already been suggested. Here's a real-world example: I have a client I do A LOT of work for. I send them A LOT of invoices. I'm trying to figure out if I billed them for a particular project, but I'm stuck having to click on each invoice, look at it, then click the back button. (I wish I could middle click to open stuff in a new tab, but that's another story...)

    I'm also not seeing search in transactions.

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 671 admin

    @RobC it sounds like you're using Wave's older version (new accounts are being migrated). You can get a sense of what the new version of the Transactions page looks like here.

  • RobCRobC Member Posts: 7

    I am definitely still using the old one. Bummer. There used to be a way to opt in to new or beta features. I don't mind beta testing stuff.

  • ErikErik Member Posts: 194 admin

    Hey @RobC glad to see you actively going through our Community! (I think I just responded to a different post of yours)

    If you are using the older version of Wave, I can assure you that we are actively working on getting everyone moved to the newest version. Once everyone is on this newer version of Wave, it will be easier to release new features simultaneously, or even potentially hold beta tests.

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