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AmyAmy Member Posts: 1

I have generated an invoice for my customer and he has paid up. How do i generate a receipt (same formatting as Invoice but document with title “Receipt”) for him as proof of payment?


  • CharlotteCharlotte Administrator Posts: 693 admin

    Hi Amy! It looks like there was a duplicate post for this issue so I've gone ahead and deleted the other. When you mark an invoice as paid, there will be a button to send a receipt. If you have an invoice that has already been paid, click on that invoice to open it, and you'll see that sending a receipt is an option under the Get Paid header.

  • ZeldaZelda Member Posts: 10

    Is there a way to send a simple receipt without creating an invoice? I went to all the trouble to create an 3 invoices after people had paid, so that I could provide them receipts. They had paid through my website with a credit card. When I recorded the payment and created a receipt and sent it to them, all was fine. However, after I split the payment in my transactions to account for the merchant fees, it disabled the "payment record", reactivated the invoice, which showed that it was not paid, and disabled the link to the receipt. If the customer clicks on the invoice link in the email, it looks like it is due and provides a way to pay with credit card. I ended up deleting the invoices after making a pdfs, and sending it to them over email. This seems like such a simple thing to solve. Why not have a receipt option attached to the transaction page when you manually enter a deposit?
    I searched everywhere I can think of to find a simple receipt option.

  • alexlewiszarkosalexlewiszarkos Administrator Posts: 232 admin

    Hi @Zelda , there's no way to send a receipt without having the invoice. Based on the way you described the situation, I think if you were accounting for the merchant fees in a different way then you'd have no issues sending the receipt. Feel free to check out the article attached below. By following the steps, you can still fully mark the invoice as paid, while also accounting for merchant fees in Wave. This will allow you to send a receipt for the amount paid as the invoice will still be marked as such.

  • ZeldaZelda Member Posts: 10

    Yes, but the difference is that I do not have my bank set up any more, and am manually entering the credit card payment.

  • ZeldaZelda Member Posts: 10

    It would be really nice to be able to provide a way to make a simple receipt, that would not affect any of the accounting in the Wave transactions.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 460 admin

    @Zelda thanks for your feedback about this; right now, receipts for income you've received are going to be necessarily rooted in invoices that accompany them. If you're manually entering credit card payments that your customers have made to you, you can still create invoices which correspond with what they bought from you, and then categorize these income transactions as "payment for invoice xxxx in Wave". This would allow you to generate a receipt; although, once again, I'd like to reiterate that we don't have current plans for a tool which generates standalone receipts.

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