Balance update in transactions

Mike_C1Mike_C1 Member Posts: 16

The Balance display in Transactions is not updating on transaction entry. The Balance Sheet similarly is not updating whilst the added transaction is there in the detail. The situation corrects itself in time but it is very poor in the mean time.
I have also found that receipts duly processed are sometimes taking a long time to appear in the transactions list.
Whilst I am pleased with Wave this sort of messy processing does not give a good impression. Your software may have a shiny new look but if the processing doesn't work properly the cosmetics don't matter at all.


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @Mike_C1,

    Has everything been updated now? It can take a bit of time for your balance to update and for receipts to be made into transactions in Wave. Often, you can get the balance to update by refreshing the page.

    Let me know if your balance hasn't updated yet. I'll be happy to see what I can do to resolve this.

  • Mike_C1Mike_C1 Member Posts: 16

    Yes I appreciate that there is sometimes a delay in updating the on-screen information and will know what to expect in the future.

  • DattonyDattony Member Posts: 7

    This is my issue as well. I tried refreshing, but it doesn't update.

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 555 admin

    Hey @Dattony, to confirm, how long have you been waiting on the info to update?

  • DattonyDattony Member Posts: 7

    The function has still not updated. I have to go to Purchases/ bills to see an accurate total of how much in bills I owe.

  • ryanwilsonperkinryanwilsonperkin Administrator Posts: 18 admin

    Hey @Dattony, just to clarify: are you trying to view the amount in bills that you owe from the transactions page, or from somewhere else? Bills should also be showing as liabilities in your Balance Sheet report, and perhaps this is what you're seeing not updating?

  • DattonyDattony Member Posts: 7

    The liabilities also show the same amount as "to be paid out" and it is wrong.

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