Payroll outside of North America

BazeboieeBazeboiee Member Posts: 1

Hey guys, love the new look of Wave. I was wondering why you don't allow people to run payroll through Waves, if you're living outside of North America dn i there's any chance of that being changed soon? It annoys me that I have to use an accountants payroll system when I want to be able to do everything in here. I live in the UK btw.



  • Michelle_AMichelle_A Administrator Posts: 45 admin

    Hey @Bazeboiee Thanks for reaching out (and for the kind feedback!). While there are no immediate plans to expand outside of Canada and the United States, it's definitely always appreciated to see this kind of interest. We'll still have to get a complete understanding of the Payroll features that countries outside of our current supported locations may need before this happens, so do feel free to send on any key features you use for your Payroll currently in the UK!

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