Rounding the Total in Customer Invoice

MissLipsticksMissLipsticks Member Posts: 2

Can anyone help me with rounding the TOTAL amount on my customer invoices? I'm often left with 1 cent extra, EG: $25.01 instead of $25.00. All my products include 15% GST.


  • Michelle_AMichelle_A Administrator Posts: 45 admin

    Thanks for reaching out @MissLipsticks !

    I'd like to shed a little more light on how taxes are rounded within our invoices right now. When it comes to tax rounding at Wave, this process is completed on a line-item level. So what this means is that each product line will calculate the tax, round to 2 decimal places, then do the next product line. At the end, it will add up all the line item tax calculations and plug that in as a total tax in your invoice.

    We find most users add/discount item for $0.01 to charge the right amount and mark it as an adjustment entry as a workaround right now, which should balance out the total!

  • RogueOystersRogueOysters Member Posts: 1

    In my state, they round the tax up regardless of whether or not it would conventionally be rounded down. It’d be great if this was an option.


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